Equine Records Management System

Introducing the only patented, web-based, records management software solution for horses. The EquipassID solution allows users to utilize microchip identification to access Electronic Certified Veterinary Inspections (eCVI & eeCVI) , Coggin’s, other infectious disease reports, regulatory data, insurance information, voluntary health information, and more, directly from our secure cloud-based repository.

Delivering Peace of Mind

Our robust RFID technology provides owners, veterinarians, associations  and regulatory agents secure accurate and immediate access to CVI, Health Papers and other vital information directly from the cloud via smart-phone, tablet or other mobile device.



Secure and authenticated state required blood test results that are accessible through the EquipassID mobile app.

Digital File Storage & Retrieval

Immediate record retrieval, directly from your horses microchip. No internet connection is required for access.

Peace of Mind

Your horses records are always available, no matter where you are or whether or not you have access to an internet connection. (ecvi) & (eecvi)


No More Paper

By storing your horse’s records in a microchip, you don’t have to worry about losing your paper reports or forgetting them.

Mobile First

Software solution which operates on your smartphone,tablet or other mobile device.

Security Anywhere

The EquipassID software operates in conjunction with all ISO compliant 11784 microchips only authorized EquipassID users who have granted access to the horse may retrieve and view its regulatory documents. Granted permissions may be authorized depending on the credentials of the user.

‘Your horse’s microchip is now the key to lock, unlock, and retrieve vital and
regulatory documents.”


Store What You Need

EquipassID gives you the ability to store; Horse’s Life Information (Name, Age, & Sex etc), Owner Information, Breed Association Registration, Coggins and other eCVI reports when issued by a state, Insurance Data, Vaccination Reports, Relevant Medications, Equine health certificate all associated with your horses Register Microchip unique ID, 15 digit number.

Need Support?

Email a member of our team at support@equipassid.com for assistance. 

Access Your Horses Data On Mobile Devices From The Cloud

Login to your account to retrieve your animals records from anywhere you have mobile data access. Store more information about your animal that you may need when mobile data service is not available, directly on your mobile app.

"Not having to worry about keeping my animal's paper's in my truck, or possibly forgetting them, it's a game changer."

– Arthur Morgan