Equine Records Management System

Introducing EquipassID: the patented web-based software for horses. By utilizing RFID technology, microchips act as the key for owners/agents, venues, vets, and inspectors to immediately access eCVIs, health certificates, Coggins, and other disease reports directly from their mobile device. Simply scan your horses existing microchip and watch the integrated software on your smartphone or tablet retrieve the animal’s required, travel documents. EquipassID is USDA and US Animal Health certified, and the only software application  granted with the federal right to utilize microchip technology to access your horses electronic records.

Our Features

EquipassID offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to streamline horse management. From essential identification details to in-depth authentication of  medical records, veterinary inspection, and infectious disease  reports, our platform centralizes all the information you need, ensuring efficient tracking, traceability, and data retrieval. Dive into the specific features below to discover how EquipassID can revolutionize your equine management experience.

Platform Features

EquipassID Platform

Online platform for veterinarians to manage and track horses’ infectious disease tests and eCVI health certificates

Secure Ordering

Veterinarians can securely order tests, generate eCVIs, and invite owners/agents to view results.

PDF Generation and Signing

Generates digitally signed PDFs with the veterinarian’s digital certificate to prevent tampering.

Verification QR Code

Every test and eCVI has a QR code for validation.


Eliminate the paper trail and access your horse’s regulatory documents from your mobile device. Tap the specific animal in question from your EquipassID owner animal list and view the latest and past EIA and eCVI reports.


Dramatically improve animal processing time, accuracy, and security. Integrate multiple inspectors at each event into the venue’s EquipassID network.

Veterinary Operations

Lab Results

Separate portal for lab technicians to enter test results; includes a process for non-negative results.

Veterinary Portal

Allows veterinarians to order and manage tests.

Test Ordering

Veterinarians can initialize, complete, and sign test orders; ensuring authentication traceability, and certified authorization.

Lab Integrations


EquipassID easily integrates with your lab’s practice management system

Sample Identification & Chain of Custody

Quickly and seamlessly identify the proper sample with the right EIA test form by scanning the bar code or QR code on the sample tube


Input process completion only takes a matter of seconds Lab Dashboard allows technicians to track results in waiting, process, and completion

Venue Management

Microchip Verification

Interrogate microchip for instant Lab test and eCVI report generation

QR Code Validation

Scan QR code on electronic or paper reports to eliminate fraudulent document presentation

Mitigate bio-security concerns

Record daily temperature reads from horses microchipped with integrated thermal biosensor devices

Non-microchipped horses still work on our system

Horse lab and CVI reports may still be presented and verified electronically or via paper by scanning the QR Code on the owner app

Emailed, certified documents

Owners may choose to email reports through our secure email service for pre-registration 

Become a Verified Venue

Partner with EquipassID and manage multiple inspectors assigned by you to process horse check-in. Manage who, when and how many horses were processed by each inspector


Certified EIA Report

EquipassID’s EIA (Coggins) electronic report generation is Certified by the USDA and APHIS, VS. 1011 regulations

Certified eCVI Reports

EquipassID’s eCVI (Veterinary Inspection) / Health Certificate generation is certified by the USAHA and AAVLD  

PDF, XML, and JSON Formats

eCVI’s are exported to the state in which the inspection originates and the state of destination and can be exported in XML and JSON forrmats

eCVI and Health Certificate Management

eCVI Generation

Allows users to generate eCVIs with various fields for veterinarians to review and sign.

eCVI Review and Certification

Veterinarians can review Coggins and eCVIs for accuracy, sign them, and generate final PDFs linked to the animal’s microchip, each electronic document further authenticated with a unique QR code.

Exporting eCVIs

Signed eCVIs can be exported to XML or JSON formats.

Owner/Agent Interaction

Owner/Agent Portal & App

Platform for owners and agents to view full details of their horses including tests and eCVIs.

Mobile Access

Owners and agents can access information via both web portal and mobile application.


Users can scan a QR code on each EIA test or eCVI to view the certified master copy.

Electronic ID Features

Electronic Identification Data Population

System connects lab tests and eCVIs to horse’s unique RFID microchip, streamlining data entry and allowing easy verification.


Ensure safe and secure co-mingling of horses at any event by using our patented  RFID-generated reports in conjunction with thermal sensor microchips

Risk Mitigation

Reduce liability risk by ensuring the accurate identification, reporting, and processing of horses through the most secure, accurate, and certified system in the market 

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Horse Identification & Ownership Data

  • Horse’s vital Life Information (Name, Age, & Sex, etc.)
  • Owner/Agent Information
  • Breed Association Registration
  • Register Microchip unique ID (15-digit number)
  • Digital temperature recording from microchips with integrated, thermal biosensors. Temperature ranges from 91 °F to 109 °F
  •  Electronic records and animal identification ensures you horses certified records are always with the right animal anywhere, all the time
  • Multi-authentication through barcode test tubes, QR coded repots and RFID animal identification ensures chain of custody, report validation and accurate animal identification

Electronic Veterinary Medical (EVMR) and other vital records Coming Soon

  • Additional disease test results including Piroplasmosis and 24 other diseases on the USDA watchlist
  • Insurance Data
  • Vaccination Reports
  • Relevant Medications, Supplements,   
  • Veterinary Indemnification to allow necessary treatment when owner/agent can not be contacted
  • Breeding, Nutritional and training data
  • All data in these fields controlled by the granted access given by the Owner/Agent
  • We put YOU in control  

Answers to Your Questions

What is EquipassID?

EquipassID is a patented, web-based software solution designed for comprehensive horse management. It centralizes essential identification details and in-depth medical records, leveraging microchip identification for secure, immediate, and efficient data retrieval.

How does the microchip identification work with EquipassID?

Each horse’s information is associated with both an encryption key and a unique  microchip ID. By scanning or inputting this ID, users can quickly access a horse’s Coggins (EIA) reports, eCVI (Health Certificates), passport, veterinary medical data, insurance data, and more from our secure cloud repository.

Can I view and manage both identification and medical records on EquipassID?

Yes, as an Owner/Agent, EquipassID allows you to view and manage the vital information you want to record and recall and who may have access to it. As a veterinarian, only they can alter or change EIA and eCVI information pertaining to the animal. 

Is the data stored on EquipassID secure?

Absolutely! EquipassID prioritizes data security. All information, from breed registration to health records, is stored in a secure cloud-based repository, ensuring both safety and easy accessibility.

Can I update or add new records to my horse’s profile on EquipassID?

Yes, EquipassID is designed to be a dynamic platform. Based upon USDA and US Animal Health Association regulations, updates to the horse’s Coggins and eCVI reports are only performed by a certified veterinarian when a new test or inspection is performed.  General management records may be updated by owners or agents as needed, ensuring your horse’s profile remains current and comprehensive.


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